Privacy Policy, Online Terms and Conditions
updated 05/19/2020

About This Policy, Terms and Conditions

  1. Your Information and Privacy
    1. This policy applies to information Chinese Baptist Church of Orange County (CBCOC) collects about you, what we do with your information, and how we protect it.
    2. CBCOC at times provides and refers to content such as online links, waiver forms, and publications that are not part of CBCOC. We have no authority over and are not responsible for the privacy policies of those outside sites, organizations, and establishments. We advise that you review their individual privacy policies.
  2. Terms and Conditions
    1. This policy includes the terms and conditions of using our online giving, including cancellation and refunds.

The Information We Collect

  1. The Information We Collect for Online Giving and Donations
    1. Converge Pay handles all the information collected to process donations to CBCOC on their hosted payments page. The following information is collected by Converge Pay:
      • Check or Credit Account Numbers
      • Donor Name
      • Donor Address
      • Donation Amount
      • Donation Date
      • Donation Recurrence
      • Donor’s e-mail
      • Donor’s Phone number
      • Type of Donation
      • Type of Payment for Donation
    2. Finance Committee has access and obtains the following select information on Converge Pay to maintain financial records:
      • Donor Name
      • Donor Address
      • Donation Amount
      • Donation Date
      • Donation Recurrence
      • Donor’s e-mail
      • Donor’s Phone number
      • Type of Donation
      • Type of Payment for Donation
    3. CBCOC does not have access to the full check and credit card account numbers of transactions processed online through Converge Pay.
  2. Information We collect when you browse our website
    1. Our web host uses cookies and web tools to produce data on our website usage.
    2. The following information is collected
      1. Pages visited
      2. State and/or country of user
      3. When users visited the website
  3. Other Ways We directly collect information from you
    1. Chinese Baptist Church or Orange County may host events or activities that require or allow us with consent to collect information from you.
    2. Activities and Events can include but are not limited to:
      • Chinese School
      • Music Programs
      • Mission Trips
      • Vacation Bible School
      • Seminars
      • Retreats
      • Trips or Activities that require a waiver form
    3. The types of information we may ask for and collect related to these activities or events can include but are not limited to:
      • Name
      • Address
      • Phone Number
      • E-mail
      • Emergency Contact Number
      • Signature or Signature of Parent/Guardian

What we do with your Information

  1. Information Collected for Online Giving and Donations
    1. Information is collected and processed securely through Converge Pay.
    2. The Finance Committee only maintains records at CBCOC for the distribution of tax receipts or inquiries by individual donors on their own donations.
    3. The Finance Committee and Church Treasurer produces weekly and monthly reports on total giving and total giving designated toward specific funds or ministries.
  2. Information Collected when Browsing our website
    1. Information is solely used to see data on usage of our website, we do not have data or information on individual users or visits
  3. Information We directly collect from you
    1. Information collected as part of an event or activity registration is solely used to communicate with you as well as plan and organize for the specific event or activity.

Sharing your Information

  1. We do not share any information we collect directly from you with any third party organizations or businesses that are not part of CBCOC and the ministries it oversees without your consent.
  2. Information Collected by the Finance Committee from Donations and Giving
    1. Individual Donor information obtained by the Finance Committee is not shared with nor accessed by anyone outside of the committee.
    2. The Finance Committee gives a weekly report of the total amount of donations and any total donation amounts for specific designations or usage. This report is shared with the church membership.
  3. Information collected by CBCOC related to Registration (both online and in person) for church activities or events are used to contact you or distribute information to you directly related to the specific activity or event.
    1. Information that you provide for these activities and events will only be seen and shared with the committees and organizing team at CBCOC for the specific activity and/or event.
    2. Information provided by you through any Online Registration on our website, for events and activities hosted by CBCOC will be removed after the specific event or activity has concluded. The only exception is if we have specifically asked and you have granted us permission to use your information to contact you for future activities (see below).
    3. For some events, we may ask you if you would like us to contact or inform you about other or future activities, events, or news from CBCOC.
      1. You will always have the option to grant us permission or decline. Your information may be shared with other ministries within CBCOC but not to organizations, businesses, or entities outside of CBCOC
      2. If there is no option offered we will only be using your information for the related activity or event
  4. Information can be shared with companies, organizations, and entities outside of CBCOC by your participation in the following activities.
    1. At official church events that take place outside of the facilities of CBCOC, the hosting facility or entity may require you to directly provide your information (examples: waiver forms, emergency contact forms, socials, retreats, mission trips, outreach events).

Information Security

  1. Giving and Donations
    1. Online transactions of donations and giving are processed on Converge Pay’s servers. Information is not stored on
    2. Transactions are processed through Converge Pay’s security features.
  2. Information Retained by CBCOC
    1. Information obtained through Giving and Donations
      • The Finance committee does retain some information on a separate database for tax purposes and making financial reports. The information can only be accessed by the Finance Committee.
      • Credit Card and Check Account Numbers are not seen or stored by the Finance Committee.
    2. Information related to Activity and Event Registration
      • Information is saved online for the duration of the activity or event. The information is only distributed amongst the organizing team or planners for the specific activity or event.
      • Unless it is a registration where you allow us to have continued communication beyond the specific activity or event, the information provided by you will be removed and deleted after the conclusion of the specific activity or event.

Children’s Online Privacy

  1. Content on Our Website is generally appropriate for all ages. There may be topics discussed that may be sensitive to certain people and we advise discretion. Content may include but is not limited to:
    1. Historical Violence
    2. Slavery, Abuse
    3. Physical Torture
    4. Current Events
    5. Sin Issues
  2. We do not ask anyone under the age of 18 (without permission from their parent or legal guardian) to provide their information online for our collection. For anyone that provides information on our website we remind them that they must be at least 18 years old to provide their information. By submitting their information online, the user acknowledges that they are over 18 years of age
  3. We do not show photos on our website or public online platforms that can specifically identify the faces of minors under 13. We may show identifying photos of minors and their faces only with written consent from a parent and/or legal guardian.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

  1. Any changes to this privacy statement will be noted here with the date of the latest update at the top of this policy.