God's Work in East Asia

With many different people groups and large populations of people who have not experienced God and have not accepted His gift of salvation, the challenges are overwhelming. However, with the work of God and His faithful miracles and opportunities, the church has grown exponentially.

From finding opportunities of meeting some of the earthly needs of people all over East Asia, mission efforts have found a way to bring the Gospel and make it real through actions of believers who make the sacrifice to bring the good news.

How Can You Pray for East Asia

The church in East Asia has grown tremendously as a miracle of God's work. However, there are still many challenges reaching out to the people of East Asia with the Gospel whether they are cultural or government barriers that aggressively try to hinder the mission efforts

Pray for the protection of the believers in the nations where there have been government persecution. In some countries, believers face harassment, intimidation, and violence by society. Governments have used laws to deny the building of churches, gathering of believers, and make it illegal to evangelize.