Honduras Medical Mission

Once a year, a team goes to the towns in Honduras as part of medical mission and sharing the Gospel to the people there while providing some of the medical needs for rural areas of Honduras.

We praise God for His comfort, strength and providence in working in the hearts and lives of the people He loves. We depend on and are grateful for your partnership in the Gospel as we journey to see how God will use our team and our prayers to bring glory to Him!

As in previous years, we hope to spend a few days in the mountainous villages running medical and dental clinics. Although we do not see the same patients every year, we are always pleased to visit the faithful missionaries, hospital staff and workers, who have become like friends to us.

How Can You Be Involved

Through Prayer: Pray for the safety and health of the team as they travel to and from Honduras as well as travel to the lesser developed areas of the country. Pray that the team will have opportunities to share the Gospel while attending the medical needs of the people there. Pray for the spirit of unity and togetherness of the team as well as for the flexibility and adaptability of the team to situations that may occur. Pray for spiritual and physical healing of the people they will be reaching out to.

Join the Mission Team: All you need is a passport, be willing to commit 2 weeks, have the CBCOC missions training, and heart to serve the Lord through missions. This a great opportunity to serve especially for those who have medical backgrounds.